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Air Combat Command, Altus AFB, Andersen AFB, Andrews AFB, Arnold AFB, Barksdale AFB
Beale AFB , Bolling AFB, Brooks AFB, Cannon AFB, Charleston AFB, Columbus AFB , Davis-Monthan AFB
Diego Garcia , Dobbins AFB, Dover AFB, Dyess AFB, Edwards AFB, Eglin AFB, Eielson AFB
Ellsworth AFB , England AFB, Fairchild AFB, Francis E. Warren AFB , Goodfellow AFB
Grand Forks AFB , Hanscom AFB , Hickam AFB, Hill AFB, Holloman AFB, Homestead AFB
Howard AFB , Hurlburt Field, Keesler AFB, Kelly AFB , Kirtland AFB , Kunsan AB , Lackland AFB
Langley AFB , Laughlin AFB , Little Rock AFB , Los Angeles AFB  , Luke AFB , MacDill AFB
March AFB , Maxell AFB , McChord AFB , McClellan AFB, McConnell AFB, McGuire AFB
Minot AFB , Moody AFB , Mountain Home AFB, Nellis AFB, Offutt AFB, onizuka AS, Patrick AFB
Petterson AFB , Pope AFB, Randolph AFB, Robins AFB , Schriever AFB, Scott AFB , Seymour Johnson AFB
Shaw AFB , Sheppard AFB  , Tinker AFB , Travis AFB , Tyndall AFB , Vance AFB
Vandenberg AFB , Westover Air Reserve  , Whiteman AFB , Wright-Patterson AFB

Ali Al Salem AB, Kuwait, Aviano AB, Italy, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska , Eskan Village, Saudi Arabia, Incirlik AB, Turkey
Kadena AB, Japan , Keflavik NAS, Iceland, Kunsan AB, Korea, Lajes Field, Azores, Malmstrom AFB
Misawa AB, Japan , Moron AB, Spain, Osan AB, Korea, RAF Lakenheath, UK, RAF Mildenhall, UK, RAF Molesworth, UK
Ramstein AB, Germany , Sola Sea, Norway , Spangdahlem AB, Germany, Yokota AB, Japan


103rd Air Control Squadron
103rd Fighter Wing
105th Airlift Wing
106th Rescue Wing
108th Air Refueling Wing
110th Fighter Wing
111th Fighter Wing
115th Fighter Wing
116th Bomb Wing
117th Air Control Squadron
117th Air Refueling Wing
118th Airlift Wing
118th Combat Communications Squadron
119 Fighter Wing
11th Air Support Operations Squadron
121st Air Refueling Wing
122nd Fighter Wing
126th Air Refueling Wing
127th Wing
128th Air Control Squadron
128th Air Refueling Group
129th Rescue Wing
12th Air Force
12th Flying Training Wing Manpower & Quality
12th Medical Group
131st Fighter Wing
133rd Airlift Wing
134th Air Control Squadron
136th Airlift Wing
139th Airlift Wing
141st Air Refueling Wing
142nd Fighter Wing
143rd Airlift Wing
143rd Combat Communications Squadron
147th Medical Squadron
148th Fighter Wing
149th Combat Comm Squadron
14th Air Force
152nd Airlift Wing
153 Airlift Wing
154th Logistics Group
159 Fighter Wing
165th ASOS/224th JCSS
166th Airlift Wing
167th Airlift Wing
168th Air Refueling Wing
16th Special Operations Wing
171st Air Refueling Wing
172nd Airlift Wing
173rd Fighter Wing
174th Fighter Wing
175th Security Forces Squadron
175th Support Group
175th Wing
176th Wing
177th Fighter Wing
178th Fighter Wing
179th Airlift Wing
180th Fighter Wing
181st Fighter Wing
182nd Airlift Wing
183rd Fighter Wing
184th Bomber Wing
185th Fighter Wing
186th Air Refueling Wing
188th Fighter Wing
189th Airlift Wing
190th Air Refueling Wing
192 Fighter Wing
199th Weather Flight
20th Space Surveillance Squadron
211th Engineering Installation Squadron
21st Air Force
21st Space Wing
22nd Air Refueling Wing
22nd Contracting Squadron
22nd Supply Squadron
238th Combat Communications Squadron
241st Engineering and Installation Squadron
251st Combat Communications Group
255 Air Control Squadron
256th Combat Communications Squadron
27th Fighter Wing
28th Weather Flight
2nd Support Squadron
305th Medical Group
310th Space Group
315th Airlift Wing
325th Logistics group
332 Airlift Flight
332d Training Squadron
336th Training Group
338th Training Squadron
338th TRS Det1 Online
33rd Fighter Wing
340th Flying Training Group
344th Training Squadron
349th Air Mobility Wing
355th Component Repair Squadron
355th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
367th Training Support Squadron
373d Training Sq. Detachment 5
373rd TRS/Det 8
375th Medical Group
388th Fighter Wing
38th Engineering and Installation Wing
3rd Air Support Operations Group
3rd Combat Communications Group
3rd Weather Squadron
403rd Wing
406th Expeditionary Air Base Group
418th Flight Test Squadron
426th Air Base Squadron
42nd Air Base Wing
42nd Communications Squadron
42nd Logistics Group
42nd Transportation Flight
433rd Airlift Wing
434th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
4409th Air Base Group
442 Fighter Wing,
446th Airlift Wing
459th Airlift Wing
47th Flying Training Wing
50 Space Wing
50th Anniversary of the Air Force
50th Space Wing Safety
512th Airlift Wing
51st Fighter Wing Force Protection/Antiterrorism
53rd Wing
53rd WRS Hurricane Hunters
552nd Air Control Wing
557th Flying Training Squadron
55th Space Weather Squadron
58th Special Operations Wing
615th Air Mobility Operations Group
61st Air Base Group
61st Medical Squadron
62nd Supply Squadron
652nd Combat Logistics Support Squadron
694th Intelligence Group
720th Special Tactics Group
72nd Medical Group
737th TRG
74th Medical Group
75th Communications Squadron
75th Medical Group
75th MSS/DPE
77th Mission Support Squadron, Military Personnel Flight
77th Security Forces Squadron
84th Radar Evaluation Squadron
84th Test Squadron
88th Mission Support Squadron
88th Weather Squadron
902 Search and Rescue Squadron
90th Space Wing
911th Airlift Wing
914th Airlift Wing
91st Space Wing
927th Air Refueling Wing
931st Air Refueling Group
932nd Airlift Wing
934th Airlift Wing
938th Engineering Installation Squadron
93rd Air Control Wing
940th Air Refueling Wing
95th Medical Group
96 Security Forces Squadron
97th Air Mobility Wing
99th Medical Group
99th Transportation Squadron
9th Services Squadron