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We can offer you a special package of USAF related cd-roms offering high quality photos, resource information and action videoclips.

Title: USAF CD-rom package
System: Windows 95 or higher
Contents: 4 cd-roms, 3000+ photos, 30 min. video, patches, resource information

Contents of the package:

  • US Airpower, a stunning cd-rom with over 600 photos/videoclips made during visits to US airshows and airbases. In addition the cd offers a photo database with over 200 aircraft types listed. Also you will find a special patch and video section.
  • F-4 Phantom, our biggest reference cd-rom sofar. This cd-rom, produced by European aviation journalist Rene v Woezik, offers over 1200 colour photographs, 15 minutes of action videos and hundreds of page of resource information. And there is more! Many patches used by Phantom squadrons and a complete production list of Phantoms built. A collectors item!!!
  • F-16 Falcon, discover this popular reference cd-rom of this popular US fighter offering lots of reference information, patches, videos and over 600 stunning photos.
  • Aviation Sampler, our promotional cd-rom offering hundreds of photos of our aviation cd-roms, thousands of links and aircraft database.

Special package price : US$ 49.95

Price includes shipping costs

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